Lets go Shopping ...


Here are some of my Favourite Finds ....

Topshop Vinyl Midi Skirt

Zara Gold Shoes

Asos Skirt in Ovoid TEXTURE and Asos Chartreuse Wedges

ASOS Kimono in Bold Fluoro
Zara Open Ankle boots

New Look Presentation Sandals via ASOS.

As usual, and at almost every hour in the day, you'll find me on almost always 'online window shopping' , I don't understand the addiction as I keep buying and buying or wishing I could buy ....
But when the time comes to decide what to wear , my clothes and I will agree that there is nothing .

I usually have a revelation that I don't have enough clothes to put a decent outfit together and resolve to buy more to make my life easier, this results in an almost empty account and a wardrobe full of clothes with nothing to wear.

Fashion week is only around the corner , I'm excited to see all the AW collections and during my numerous breaks I will be trolling blogs and websites for amazing street style.

Speak soon. x