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I have been wanting a pixie forever now, the first time i had this cut was in my second year of university and I think I had it for about 6 months, I actually cried at first because I did it because my hair was so damaged.

Here are some photos of how I want the cut to look, I think i'm going to use extensions this time rather than my real hair.

I hope I can finally do it. Its June everyone , I wish you all a splendid month.

All pictures via google and pinterest

FIT GIRL CHALLENGE - 28 day Jumpstart

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Hey Everyone,

I started the 28 day jump start fit girl challenge with @fitgirlsguide on instagram. I am so excited. 
I am very slim but I have BELLY FAT !! A whole load of belly fat and its pretty (really annoying) because clothes just don't look good on me , for as long as i can remember i'm always careful about what i wear just so i can hide my stomach.

I obviously don't wear bikinis but i'm planning to go in holiday for my birthday which is on the 3rd of august and I plan to wear a bikini (God willing) or at least a nice swimsuit. I'm just really tired of the belly pooch and skinny body.

Okay  so the deets..

*The Challenge starts 1st June 2015
* The challenge is 4 weeks long
* you have to purchase the book to get on and the book contains exercises for each day and meal plans for each day of the 4 weeks.


Waist -30
Hips -40
Dress size - UK8/10/12

Valentine's Day




A picture speaks a thousand words. I have always been in love with Vintage , 50's retro inspired editorials and the women in the photographs or models as the case may be create such a moving picture. These are the sort of pictures I look at when I desperately need inspiration on days like today when I'm in such low spirits.
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