Another One.

Hello everyone , I'm wearing another blazer again with the same jeans from my previous post, I wore this to church on Sunday, the reason why I don't like wearing heels (not that anybody asked) to church is that because i"m catholic and Mass is quite solemn , once you walk in everybody knows you here and that doesn't help especially if you're almost always late like me ...

Details ...

Outfit details :
Jeans : Topshop Joni
Blazer and Shirt : H&M
Accessories : H&M
Bag : Reiss
Flats : Louis Vuitton

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That Spectacular Joni Jeans

Here are some pictures I took after a long day out and about , it was already dark but I still wanted to shoot with my sunglasses on - i know its silly.

... wearing a vintage blazer , and Topshop joni jeans I'm absolutely in love with , aldo sunglasses and asos shoes.

Obsidian 10 days, 10 ways (Day 7)

Hi everyone , Obsidian sent me this silk blouse (thank you) as part of their 10 days, 10 ways campaign  and this is how I styled it.

My shoes are from ASOS and the blazer and shorts are both from H&M , my fro's gone again, i just feel like this is the best hairstyle/wig for me , i feel like whatever I feel my best in is what I should do.

What is everyone doing this weekend ?

Thank you for reading my blog :) xxx


Decided to wear my fro out today ,I am wearing a primark crop top , asos red pencil skirt with a nice split , some marks and Spencer nude pumps and  tiger earrings i found at Judy's affordable vintage fair and Reiss cuff and H&M ring.

          I'm sorry i haven't put up any ootn's in a while , firstly thank you to everyone who takes the time to visit my blog , i really appreciate it :) :) makes me happy -laugh- smile at the same time , I've had so much coursework to get to , i finally submitted one and i have 2 left but they are really huge pieces , one in international human rights and the other is my final project type essay and that's about 20, 000 words, wish me luck.


Midnight Dreaming

These Gucci Victoire Sandals are so beautiful , I look at them everyday until God brings them to me :) Amen

Goodnight :) xx