by Doyin Jaiyesimi
Whenever there is a debate about permed versus natural hair, it is usually an intense one. The pro-natural hair women see the use of relaxers as conforming  to the norms imposed from the years of colonialism while the pro-perming women just cannot do without their relaxers. And there are those who just cannot be bothered; after all it’s just hair.
The major complaint women have about unpermed hair is that it is difficult to maintain. As Africans, the hair that grows from our roots has a much coarse texture than our Caucasian counterparts.
There really are no winners or losers in this hair debate. It all depends on what you want. For the ladies who want to stay off relaxers are scared of the idea of a ‘big chop’, we have interviewed Beeba to show you that it really isn’t all that scary.  Having your hair natural – and kinky – is not unattractive and it is not more difficult to maintain.You just need to take the time out to learn about your hair; there’s no shortcut.
Read on as Beeba takes us through her hair journey from her ‘big chop’ moment.
The issue of good hair has been a highly debated issue amongst black women. Would you say you have good hair?
Yes. I believe I have good hair, but that word actually confuses me. Good hair would refer to the belief that straight European hair as compared to African hair is better. Somehow we’ve been taught that our hair is bad and Brazilian hair is good hair. There is nothing wrong with natural afro textured or African hair. My hair is the good God given natural hair growing from my roots and I love that.
Why did you decide to go for the big chop?

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Beeba . xoxo