London Fashion week

I manage to take one picture with my phone , i got invited to the designers party after the fashion show at London fashion week , i know this is late biut this is the only picture i have , its also of poor quality because i used my phone and also the lighting was just not that great, but it was a fun night !! my afro was also out .

Jeans - Zara
Top - Reiss for Elle
Blazer - Vintage
Shoes - Aldo
Clutch - H&M
Accessories - H&M


  1. You look beautiful! Love the 'fro! xx

    1. ah ! thank you Tomi , the fro became annoying .

  2. This is so chic! And may I just say I LOVE YOU HAIR!!!!!

  3. Heyy!! I absolutely love your hair! How long have you been natural for?? and what products do you use?? i'm going natural now and I just feel like my hair is not growing. Getting a bit frustrated. I'm guessing you're probably blessed with lovely hair! Slash your hair looks really soft. Do you use anything in particular.

    Sorryy! Too many questions x_x

    1. hey ,thank you :) sorry for this late late reply, ive been natural for almost 2 years now , to be honest i use regular shampoo and conditioner but one thing i swear by is Jamaican black castor oil and normal castor oil ,it grows my hair and keeps it soft(the only thing that makes my hair soft ) and moisturized , i have very coarse hair . i also take vitamins whenever i remember , i always feel like my hair isn't growing as well but trust me it is , it just takes a while to see the difference plus what you see is not what people see. thank you for visiting , if you have any other questions you can ask me on my twitter @beebaademowo , i reply really fast there. xx