Santorini, Greece - Holiday Pictures


hello everyone , last week i went on holiday to Santorini , Greece. I had the most wonderful time , its is indeed a scenic , peaceful wonderful island , the food was amazing , although not all the time . these pictures are from one of the days we took a tour , we went on a boat called the calypso , first we went to the volcano , it was hard to get to the top but all the days in the gym paid off , then we went to thirassia and on the way stopped by the hot springs for a dip ,

 i have never swam in the sea before so i was scared out of my mind and i just hung on to the boat for dear life, i was shocked to find that the water was extremely salty and it made my eyes hurt (all this is new to me) after that we had lunch at a seaside restaurant where we had the best souvlaki's, 

once we finished eating we realised our boat left us, we were confused for about 5 minutes until someone told us it only went off to allow another boat dock (relief) we went back to oia to drop some people off then fira and up in the cable cars. i hope you enjoy the pictures.

wearing an asos dress, a hat I found at the port and some zara sandals.